SHIMMER THE GLOWWORM FINDS HER GLOW – Story insights from the Author



Shimmer the Glowworm Finds Her Glow, has many layers. The main storyline is about finding one’s purpose. Shimmer has a low glow and goes in search of it, and she discovers many things along the way. Here are a few of the subtle messages during her first encounter with Ollie the Owl. 

In the beginning, Shimmer doesn’t realize she has a low glow until the wise old glowworm shares his observation with her. She just feels like she’s missing something or that she’s not connecting with everyone else in her world. In her social circle, she just feels disconnected and kind of glum, but that has become her normal state because she has never had the opportunity to express her inherent qualities. 

So Shimmer goes out in search of her glow. She has this curious nature and is completely absent any judgement. She has never been exposed to things outside of her cave. 

When she meets Ollie, she asks a simple question out of pureness, “Why aren’t you flying around?” It’s a direct and honest question with no pretense like, Why are you just sitting in this tree by yourself? 

Ollie responds with how he feels. It is simply, “I just don’t feel that excited.” He doesn’t elaborate on his troubles, become defensive, or indulge in victimhood, such as; Well, I’m alone, my friends don’t visit me, and I’m sitting here while others are sleeping at night and I’m up by myself.  All those things may be true, but he just states his feelings with true honesty, “I don’t feel that excited.” 

Oftentimes, children are not aware of what they are feeling or what’s going on with them. Encouraging them to recognize and validate their emotions improves self-awareness. Sharing that emotions are normal and we all experience these feelings at some time or another, can foster self-love. 

Next, Shimmer relates back to Ollie. “Well, I kind of feel that way, too. That’s why I left the cave. I thought maybe I could figure out why my glow is low.” So now she’s connecting with him on a common emotional level and empathizing with him, without pity.  

Then, Ollie focuses back on Shimmer instead of himself, which helps pull him out of his gloom. Being self-focused, can create further isolation, self-doubt, boredom, and despair. Engaging with others and focusing outside oneself serves as a good distraction from your current state and shifts emotions. Ollie says to Shimmer, “Well, I do spend a lot of time by myself thinking.” 

He has gained insight and understanding. Oftentimes it is easier to see things in others than it is to recognize them in ourselves. There is also an inference here to self-reflecting and meditation. 

Ollie then says, “Do you want to know what I think?” He’s asking permission to offer some help. This shows consideration and respect, rather than imposing.  Then he does something important. He compliments Shimmer. He says, “I think you’re very brave to go on this journey.” Ollie is impressed because Shimmer took action that he hasn’t. He says, “I think the answer is inside of you.” This is the pivotal moment! It is the core message of the book. This statement embodies a universal truth. 

And then what Shimmer does next is dynamic. She compliments Ollie. She’s so interested in others that instead of asking about herself such as, Well, what about me? Where is it in me? she goes right back to praising Ollie. She says, “You are very wise, Ollie. You have a lot of wisdom.” This not only lifts Ollie’s spirits because he now feels valued and appreciated, but it brings joy to Shimmer. When we uplift others, we uplift ourselves. 

And that’s Shimmer’s gift; her true authentic interest in others, what they’re doing, and more importantly, what they’re FEELING.  Shimmer’s innocent nature transformed Ollie, which in turn transformed herself. And Ollie, now can be a positive light for others, and on and on. 

If we could each express that kind of inquisitive interest and appreciation instead of prejudging others and thinking that we’re so different, if we could instead think, “What can I learn from you? What can you teach me? What’s your experience?” imagine how we could enrich each other’s lives.  This is Shimmer’s message – SHOW YOUR GLOW.  I hope it brings inspiration!